Looking to get involved? Want to see GCYPAA in your area of Georgia?


A GCYPAA Bid Committee is a service committee of recovering alcoholics that represent a particular area or city.

A Bid Committee has the opportunity to organize in the best way they see fit in order to accomplish their goal. Bid Committee positions may include Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. If a Bid Committee has many members, additional service positions can be added (i.e. Events Chair, Hotel Chair, etc.)

The bidding requirements should not be viewed like a daunting scavenger hunt list, but rather as some organizational ideas that are meant to help Committees effectively carry out the primary purpose of the Conference.

If your group is unable to fulfill the bidding requirements, your bid will be referred to as a “Token Bid,” and may still be selected to host the conference. If your group is struggling with a bid requirement, it is encouraged that you reach out to the Advisory Council. The GCYPAA Advisory Council’s responsibility is to provide Host and Bid Committees with guidance by sharing their experience.

Next Bid Session

May 20th 2023 @ 3pm
Dubose Porter Center
Dublin, GA


We define “Young People” as young at heart - you’re never too old for GCYPAA!

Yes! Recovering alcoholics of all ages are welcome to participate in the bidding process.

Alcoholics of any length of sobriety are encouraged to participate!

Still bid! Most of the GCYPAA Bid Committees presented an incomplete bid to the Advisory Council in the past and still won the conference.

Do it again! A lot of previous bid committees have bid more than once. It’s an opportunity to continue to be of service and to get some newer faces involved.

All proceeds from bidding are to be turned over to the Advisory Council in order to assist the new Host Committee.

Your conference will be supported by the money your bid committee has raised. Advisory also keeps money for the explicit purpose of assisting a host committee. If needed, Advisory will allocate those funds to assisting the Host Committee.

All money raised should be turned over to the Advisory Council. Money raised under the pretense of supporting Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous should not be spent for personal use. Doing so reflects poorly on GCYPAA and AA as a whole.

Tell your AA friends and others at meetings about GCYPAA and your intention of bidding! Get some pizza, brainstorm some ideas, and have fun! Find a place and time for your Bid Committee to meet and make announcements at meetings. Advisory members are happy to help answer questions and assist in Bid Committee elections. Let Advisory know about your intentions on bidding, and we will help get you started.

It’s in the bylaws!