What is Advisory?

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to carry the message to alcoholics by assisting and ensuring the the future of all things GCYPAA. The Advisory Council is comprised of members of previous Host Committees who have been elected by their fellow Host Committee members. Each Advisory Council member serves a term of 4 years, but may serve for longer if needed.

The Advisory Council holds a minimum of 4 business meetings per year. They meet at the Georgia State Service Assembly and at every GCYPAA.

Current Members

Position Name Host City Host Year
Chair Mitch J. Macon 2017
Web Chair Tal D. Marietta 2019
Social Media Chair Jessica F. Macon 2017
Unity Chair Brandon L. Macon 2017
Archivist Danie E. Macon 2017
Member at Large Sidney H. Atllanta 2022
Member at Large Peter B. Atlanta 2022
Member at Large Zach H. Atlanta 2022