The following suggestions are from the Advisory Council and are to be considered by the new Host Committee. They are based on previous conference experience.


1. This conference does a greater job of carrying the message to young alcoholics when the conference planning committee is comprised of members 40 and under, with a minimum of one year’s sobriety. This committee should be comprised of 15 to 21 members but no one should be excluded.

2. Many alcoholics travel great distances to hear and meet with other young alcoholics and to learn how the young alcoholic achieves sobriety. With this in mind, the council recommends an endeavor to obtain 75% of speakers in the 40 and under age group. To comply with 7th tradition guides,the Council feelsthatspeakersshould receive registration,room accommodations and any other expenses deemed appropriate by theHost Committee.

3. Newly Added, May 2007 ‐ In an effort to keep the conference affordable to all members of AA, especially the young person, the maximum conference pre‐registration fee is $15 (US) and onsite registration $20 (US). Alterations to the registration cost may be adjusted with Advisory Council’s approval.

4. At the conference, wherever the main registration is located or the center focal point, we urge that nothing but A.A. Conference Approved Literature be sold. Experience has shown that a “Flea Market” can develop and those unaware of our endeavor can be mislead, especially by the press, radio and film. Keep the 12 Traditions in mind at all times.

5. Schedule the following meetings on your program: “How to Bid for GCYPAA” Q&A at 11:00 pm on Friday and a bid session at 9:00 am on Saturday. A room must be made available for use by the Advisory Council for its meetings throughout the weekend.

6. Before closing the conference, present the banner to the new Host City and invite the attendees to the next conference.

7. The Host Committee should be directly involved with any activity from which funds may be generated.

8. Save time for announcements by the Advisory Council at the end of the Saturday night meeting.

9. The Host Committee Treasurer is responsible to provide the Advisory Council Treasurer with monthly financial transactions reports and balance sheets. The Host Committee will have 90 days from the conclusion of its conference to forward a financial statement and bank statements and check registers to the GCYPAA Advisory Council Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the newly elected Advisory Council Members to ensure that these tasks are completed within a 90 day period. The Host Committee Treasurer will be prepared to sign the Federal Tax Return covering their conference activities upon request.

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